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BLE 2017: 5 key lifestyle and fashion trends

Brand Jam’s founder, Paolo Lucci shares the top five trends of 2017 within the sector.

More and more brands are seeking collaborators to work with on offering something a little bit different to the norm. So we’re seeing more bite-sized capsule collections, limited edition products and experiential brand extensions. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the lifestyle and fashion industry.

Since 2011 Brand Jam has been watching and keeping pace with the trends in the lifestyle and fashion business and sharing its insights through its website, magazine and social media channels.

Brand Jam’s founder, Paolo Lucci shared the top 5 trends of 2017 with the audience at BLE 2017.


Girl Power

Powerful female characters are everywhere at the moment, and this is overflowing into fashion as well. Warner Bros. Pictures’ Wonder Woman was a hit at the cinemas over summer and inspired a raft of Wonder Woman-inspired collabs and collections. This has carried over into other brands as well, with iconic brands such as Hello Kitty and Barbie enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

“It’s a different way of seeing feminism and empowerment,” says Paolo. “Confidence is the common thread, with brands encouraging women to be their own superhero. We’re seeing a different interpretation of girls’ properties, transforming from cutesy icons into assertive heroines.”


The Power of Music

There’s been a transformation in music licensing over the past few years – gone are the days of slapping a band logo onto a tee-shirt and selling it to the fans. Music brands are taking licensing to the next level. Stars like Rihanna and Jay-Z are evolving the products themselves, pushing the boundaries as they work with brands on endorsements, designer collaborations, themed capsule collections and pop up events.

“Influence is the key,” says Paolo. “And nowhere is this more evident that on social media. Music artists are very influential and we’re seeing some incredibly creative and innovative collaborations happening.”


Fashion Loves Food

Andy Warhol spearheaded the idea of food as fashion back in the 1960s and five decades on food brands still provide ‘food for thought’ for designers and marketers.

Chupa Chups continually impresses with its lifestyle brand extensions, such as recent collabs with Fyodor Golan, Rodnik Band and Leo Studio Design. Iterations of the brand range from in-your-face logos and prints to the more subtle, showing how versatile it can be.

“An interesting trend we’re also seeing is fashion inspired by brand logos,” says Paolo. “So we have Huf Socks interpreting the iconic Heinz logo and Element Skateboards taking on the Chiquita banana logo.”


Going Underground

This trend encompasses street photography, tattoo and urban art, with brands doing some really exciting extensions with little-known artists and producing some amazing collections. Even the luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior are getting down with this new urban subculture to produce fashion that appeals to a new audience.

“It’s all about doing something a little special and unexpected,” says Paolo. “Even the more mainstream names are embracing this trend, for example Ikea’s collection with Steven Harrington.”


Universal Soldier

Gritty, utilitarian influences and ideas are transforming how products look, feel and function. Military, exploration, science fiction and space are all important sources. Yes, there’s a fair amount of camouflage, patches and finishes, but many of the products are heavy on functionality too.

“We’re seeing an increasing number of tools and accessories, especially for men,” says Paolo. “There have been some really great collabs with watches, with Seiko, G-Shock and Timex all coming out with time pieces that would not be out of place in the jungle.”

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