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on June 12, 2020

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes checks out social media and business forums like LinkedIn a

on March 14, 2019

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks for new chapters in licensing at London Book Fair.

on December 10, 2018

We chat to Haynes Publishing’s Iain Wakefield about The Bluffer’s Guides.

on April 12, 2018

Morph making to Book Fair; all in a week’s work for Start Licensing’s Ian Downes.

on August 31, 2017

‘Back to school has been a good event for licensing over the years’.

on July 13, 2017

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes highlights strong examples of museum licensing.

on March 16, 2017

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes finds publishing innovation at London Book Fair.

on July 31, 2018

Return of multi-million selling books to inspire gifting, promotions and more.

on June 7, 2018

Including IMG securing a key apparel deal between World Rugby and Canterbury.