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on February 22, 2024

Over the past few years, the health and beauty category has experienced significant growth, w

on February 23, 2024

Health, beauty and toiletries specialist, Mad Beauty is entering the spring/summer 2024 season wit

on December 8, 2023

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes checks out the newly opened hmv shop on London’s Oxford Stre

on November 22, 2023

Trevor and Julia Cash – the founders of Mad Beauty – have been awarded Fam

on September 9, 2021

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes heads to Birmingham NEC to check out the return of Aut

on October 27, 2023

Trevor Cash, director at Mad Beauty, talks summer success, expanding its work force and cop

on October 30, 2020

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes ‘looks out’ to some early 2021 highlights this week.

on August 26, 2020

Owner and director, Trevor Cash tells Source how the licensee is looking to continue

on May 29, 2020

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes enlists some Lockdown Lookout help from Half Moon Bay, Star Editio

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