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on April 9, 2020

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes takes a look back through his archives to focus on

on January 6, 2020

From Brexit to the Van Gogh Experience, Source lists 20 things which will have

on April 27, 2020

Museum highlights collections from Museums & Galleries and Papier, plus new additions to its Tm

on July 26, 2019

With an exclusive agent on board in China, Source discovers the museum’s ambitious plans.

on December 20, 2018

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes picks his ‘looking out’ highlights from 2018.

on April 2, 2020

New partners include Cote d’Or in China and Aurora in Japan among others.

on June 29, 2018

Art Ask Agency’s Maria Strid on how the iconic brand is building in licensing.

on March 6, 2020

New lines launching from Surface View, Blinds 2Go and Samuel Lamont among others.

on February 12, 2020

Nine-piece range with ethical fashion retailer coincides with Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk exhibition.

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