Tag: business in lockdown
on August 17, 2020

Sharon Weisman explains why the pandemic doesn’t mean the art of schmoozing is dead; it̵

on October 16, 2020

Difuzed’s Gilbert El Kalaani on adapting to the constantly changing market.

on October 15, 2020

Character World’s Danny Schweiger on remaining nimble and dynamic in the ever changing entertainment space.

on October 14, 2020

Dreamtex’s Anthony Duckworth on meeting the individual needs of customers, new signings and award wins.

on October 13, 2020

Pyramid International’s Martin Withers on adjusting plans, adapting products and managing risk.

on October 12, 2020

GB eye’s Ben Woodman on changing consumer habits, the acceleration on its eco products

on August 21, 2020

MDL’s Maurizio Distefano on IP owners and licensees needing to hear each others needs

on August 20, 2020

Sagoo’s Veronique Pichon on looking for local development and manufacturers and being more flexible.

on August 19, 2020

Herschend Entertainment Studios’ Natalie Setton on the brand re-launch for Chuggington and developing new w

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